LAURA PAULISICH Design & Coaching Services

Coaching: Laura Paulisich has completed Martha Beck Life Coach Training and offers happiness coaching in the following specialties: small business, writing, publishing, real food, toxin-free living, minimalism, "10-item wardrobe," athletic performance, pilgrimage, life purpose, and "there are no problems" coaching. Phone, email, text, in-person coaching available. Free initial consultation.

Book Design & Production: Laura Paulisich has written, designed, and produced several books. She is available for book and cover design, production, author marketing, and writing coaching.

Interior Design: Laura Paulisich helps people design and organize spaces. She uses her creative ideas to maximize inspiration, beauty and efficiency. She specializes in toxin-free living and strategic systems for living, work, and retail spaces. “You don’t rise to the levels of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems.” -James Clear

Products: Laura Paulisich designs and finds many products related to her books: photo art, greeting cards, magnets, postcards, murals, toxin-free household and clothing products, and nourishing, natural food and beauty products. All made-to-order! #sustainable