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Brain-tanned Bison Hide Blanket! (bed covering, blanket, rug, robe) 

"kitchen" scissors (this replaces ALL kitchen gadgets! I use it for EVERYTHING!)

salt! glorious salt!!! (I buy this directly from the company and can't live without it!!)

more glorious salt!!! (salt might be my favorite "food"!!! Traditionally made from France)

salt obsession! (I use different kinds of salt for flavors and to eat different minerals!)

ox bile (from grass fed animals and helps digestion!!! #sograteful!)

yogurt starter (to make yogurt using homemade coconut milk! So delicious!)

Nourishing Traditions (a food, cooking, nutrition encyclopedia! the kitchen bible!)

The Intelligent Gardener: Growing Nutrient Dense Food (!!!)



blender (all stainless steel!)


glass water bottle

heat diffuser

magnetic knife holder

glass pan

glass bowls

glass food storage and heat-safe containers

nut milk bag (for making homemade coconut milk)

biodegradable paper towels 

biodegradable small "garbage" bags

biodegradable large "garbage" bags

parchment paper

parchment baggies

stainless steel table

Infinity Jars (dried salmon, beef jerky, dried flowers, dried herbs, vanilla beans, etc)

ice cream machine 

Kitchen Garden: Growing Microgreens

fan (for growing indoor microgreens)

growlight stand (for growing indoor microgreens)

trays (for growing indoor microgreens)

draining trays (for growing indoor microgreens)

non-plastic trays (LOVE!!!)

Indoor Kitchen Garden by Elizabeth Millard

Toxin-free cookware (La Chamba Colombian unglazed clay)

large oval pan (for making liver snaps and rendering oil)

small oval pan (marinating steaks, cooking eggs, everything!)

soup pot (bone broth every week!)

oval casserole (roasts, baking vegetables)

salt pig (beloved belonging! use several times a day! effortless happiness!)

Ingredients: food, supplements, oils, flowers

water filter (removes flouride! rare!)

water remineralizing

ox bile (grass-fed sources! Sally Fallon recommends as a supplement; fat digestion aid)

olive oil (I use this every day! LOVE this California oil!)

olive oil Early Harvest (I use this every day too! Peppery!)

olive oil White Truffle (special occasion olive oil! LOVE!)

jojoba oil

magnesium flakes

Himalayan salt

Baja Gold Sea Salt 

Fleur de Sel 

yogurt starter (homemade coconut milk yogurt starter)


sodium bicarbonate (toothpowders, cleaning)

rose water

calendula flowers 

turmeric (favorite teeth whitening and remineralizing powder)

charcoal powder (favorite teeth whitening and remineralizing powder)

neem leaves (flea and tick powder and carpet cleaner)

cod liver in its own oil (emergency human or pet food)

vinegar (to make the beloved homemade lemon "everything" cleaner!)

Toxin-free Clothing (basics)

flip-flops (natural rubber and biodegradable!)

cami bra (love this! one size smaller for flirty fit!)

cami top (organic, peroxide-whitened! LOVE this! one size smaller for flirty fit!)

white tee (organic, peroxide-whitened! buy large sizes for pajamas!)

undergarments (I buy them here but also available through Amazon!)

terry socks (LOVE!)

linen socks (LOVE!)

hemp socks (LOVE!)


Hydro Floss (gum cleaner)

toxin-free toilet paper


glass spray bottles (lemon cleaner and magnesium spray)

Infinity jars


body dry brush

body and cleaning brush

pail (cleaning, holding cleaning supplies)

nail clipper

Household (office, cleaning, decorative)

buffalo blanket (most beloved belonging!!!) (comforter, blanket, rug, robe, shelter!!!)

vacuum (lasts forever, quiet, heavenly!)

soapnuts (LOVE! natural liquid soap & laundry soap!!!)

biodegradable jute rug

biodegradable envelopes

paper (toxin-free!)

pencils (cedar! natural! love!)

pen (Indian ink! LOVE!)

natural rubber gloves

toxin-free tissue paper (paper flowers!)

biodegradable washi tape

yellow light bulbs (replace artificial bright lights for better sleeping!)

crystal salt lights

sparkle lights

organic market bag

veggie sidewalk chalk

jute twine (biodegradable!) (crocheted entrance rug and other uses)

outdoor globe lights

bedside clock 

tap knife (love this little tool!! keep them all around the property for different uses!)

dressmaker scissors (not a necessity but amazing for creating new outfits with old materials)

natural earplugs

yellow glasses (if have to look at monitors before bedtime)

glitter! (biodegradable, toxin-free and sparkly!)

glue (biodegradable, toxin-free and has flowers in it!)

pillows (organic, diy toxin-free sofa cushions!)

travel pillow (organic, toxin-free, biodegradable) 

silk pillowcase (organic silk! protects skin and hair while sleeping!)

pillowcase (organic cotton)

chenille blanket (organic cotton & colorgrown color! so rare!)

hammock (large, fits 2 humans & 2 dogs all at once so far!)

hammock chair (LOVE! have 1 in the house and 1 outside so far!)

Kitchen Library

Nourishing Traditions 

Think Like a Chef

Tender Grassfed Meat

The Flavor Bible 

Digestive Health with Real Food

Indoor Kitchen Gardening

The Saucier's Apprentice

I Know How to Cook

Larousse Gastronomique

Dare to Repair Plumbing

Cure Tooth Decay

Making Love Potions

Natural Color

Bunch Up

A Wilder Life

How to Be a Wildflower

Studio Library

Big Bang: The Story of the Universe 



Evolution: The Human Story

Gustav Klimt

Christian Louboutin


Alexander McQueen: Working Process

Designers on Instagram

Fluent in 3 Months

The Organic Artist


Girl in Dior

Magpies, Homebodies, and Nomads

Knitting Without Needles

Alexander McQueen

Go Outside and Come Back Better

City Atlas

Permanent Library

The Four Agreements 

Be Free Where You Are

Damn Good Advice

Fail, Fail Again, Fail Better

I Am That

A Thousand Names for Joy

Be a Good in the World

Buen Camino Good Way in Life & to the End of the World

365 Days of Happiness A Lifetime of Joy

Finding Our Way: Tiny Steps Towards Love