BUSINESS COACHING: "I was walking through town one day and noticed some of the stores I went into and thought, 'Do they even like what they are selling? I can do this better!' I had been a nurse and then stayed at home rearing my kids and was wondering what my next chapter would be. I mentioned it to Laura on a walk and she immediately was as excited as I was. From then on there was no turning back. Laura’s passion never faltered. She rode with me at 3 am to Chicago to a buying trip. We designed the store on paper and then set up a mock store in my guest bedroom until we got into the space. She helped me with every part of the process, always reminding me to keep true to my vision. Laura was so calming at checking in and asking, 'what is causing you stress right now?' Laura’s positive, cheerful, intelligent, thoughtful presence was a determining factor in starting up my business and immediately giving it the wow factor that I dreamed of!" Sarah Quickel, owner Enchanté

"Laura helped me create workable spaces in my home and business!" Angela Hudson Hesse, Collaborations Boutique owner and designer

BOOK DESIGN: "Laura is a dream to work with! Her positive attitude is contagious. Nothing is a problem for Laura; she just moves the project along. She's an artist in her own right with intuition and vision. Laura made extremely valuable suggestions that contributed to a better end product. We could not have asked for a better guide through the publishing process. Thank you Laura! On to the next book!"
-Kathie Goodale, author, & Kit Prendergast, editor/photographer

WRITING COACHING: "I have to say Laura has been a Godsend working with [our son]. We certainly will recommend her to people we know." High school/college student father

BUEN CAMINO BOOK: "Laura takes you on a visual tour of the lovely Camino trail. Her stunning photos will inspire you as well as make you drool. She experiences the trail unlike any other hiker: a tiny backpack, flip-flops and a ketogenic diet. I love the way this book takes you on a trip just by flipping through the pages!" -Maria Emmerich, international best-selling author for Victory Belt