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Green2 100% Tree Free 300-Sheet 2-Ply Bathroom Tissue, 12 Count (Pack of 8)

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Brand: Green2


  • Contains 12 Rolls of 300-Sheet 2 Ply Toilet Paper
  • 100 % Tree Free Toilet Paper is made 100% from virgin sugar cane and bamboo pulp which is comparable to freshly harvested tree pulp and is softer than recycled paper; It's The Greenest Paper on Earth
  • Septic Safe, Strong, Soft and Absorbent, Hypo-allergenic, no dyes, lotions or fragrances
  • Whitened with H2o2; the only totally chlorine-free bleaching process
  • Woman Owned Business; We Donate to the Arbor Day Foundation in support of planting trees in the USA

Publisher: Green2

Release Date: 2015-07-09

Details: Green2 is 100% Treeless paper products made from renewable resources. Our product are soft, absorbent, affordable, septic safe and whitened with a natural alternative to bleach. Each year over 900 million trees are harvested for paper alone, in fact, the United States annual pulp paper goods consumption exceeds 110,000,000 tons per year, consuming 1 billion trees annually, an area of approximately 12,400 square miles; while the U.S. demand for paper is increasing each mission is to offer products to a much wider market by making them available with competitive pricing when compared to traditional and other green products. We believe in living responsibly and through our efforts making a positive impact on our earth. We are dedicated to creating a future for our children by sustaining our earth's precious resources. "What you take from the earth, you must give back. That's nature's way.

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