SERVICE: Coaching & Design
Laura Paulisich

SERVICE: Coaching & Design

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I can help you navigate your WAY back to the birthrights of health and happiness!

For many years, I didn't realize I wasn't feeling well and experiencing stress until after I changed my eating, sleeping, and thinking habits! While I was researching, learning, searching, experimenting and changing, I kept thinking "how would busy families and professionals ever have the time to do this?!" I always knew I wanted to help others be able to do what I was doing.

If you don't have time to read all of the research and search for safe food/clothing/home products, I can help with a phone call/Facetime, text message, email. I can help with an in-person conversation or a more in-depth house-call for changing home/work spaces.

I have transformed my life by following the wisdom of so many modern and ancient sages (365 Days of Happiness book!) and would love the privilege of helping you!

The ways I have transformed my life and the topics in which I can share my success:

restorative sleep 

nutrient-dense food/ketogenic diet/ancestral diet/intermittent fasting/elimination diet

finding real food

finding toxin-free clothing/bedding/home products

practicing the "ten-item wardrobe"

minimalism/reducing belongings/small spaces then gaining time/freedom/money

elite athletic performance/professional athletic performance

hiking the Camino de Santiago

"hardwiring happiness"/retraining the brain/creating new neural pathways

practicing "there are no problems"

finding one's personal purpose

small business/writing/publishing

contributing and providing service



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